As manager and leader of companies and school I worked with.  I developed and implemented OJT practices through out,  since then, I collected gems of thoughts.  Read and apply. ed

OJT Common Questions and Answers

**Sorry, while you’re explaining, I am busy talking/chatting with my seatmate, I am not paying attention to you,  can you repeat your explanation?

NO, NOT anymore !


1. I am absent during the OJT orientation, what will happen?

You need to submit an excuse slip (signed by your parents) stating why you are ABSENT to your Professor.  You need to attend the OJT orientation AGAIN.

2. I don’t have company for OJT?

Check the list from the School or  CCS or Center for Career Services for the list of companies with MOA and is accepting OJT.

3. If enroll the OJT and failed to get one company what will happen?

You FAILED (5) the OJT for that period/quarterm/semester.

4. Can I have OJT in any company i wish?

NO !  ONLY company with signed Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) and filed in CCS, or else not valid, its FAILED (5).  No MOA no OJT, No exemption !

5. What is an OJT Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA)?

It is a LEGAL document agreed and SIGNED by BOTH parties on the terms and conditions of OJT.

6. How long (referring to time period)  to process the MOA?

Usually one quarterm (from invitation, orientation to signing).  Not advisable for the current term (enrolled) OJT.  It should be done one (sometimes two) semester in ADVANCE by the potential OJT as a liaison between the school and the host company.

7. Can I have the OJT without enrolling?

Definitely NO, NOT allowed.  NOT VALID.

8. Can I render overtime during my OJT ? Even If, that due to the nature of the assigned project, I may have to perform my training outside regular working hours and/or days.

NO you CANNOT render OJT overtime. WITHIN 8am to 5pm or 7am to 4pm or 9am to 6pm. Working after 6pm is definitely NOT allowed. Monday to Friday only. If you work beyond these period, it is NOT counted as official time.

Only MAXIMUM EIGHT (8) HOURS a day is ALLOWED per day.

9. I only started my OJT on the 4th week of the quarterm, what will happen?

You will NOT be able to finish and completely submit ALL the requirements. You will get a grade of 7 or Incomplete. Fast tracking by OVERTIME is NOT allowed.

NOTE: If time exceeds, ONLY eight (8) hours per day is counted.

10. What is a waiver? To students (OJT) did you READ the WAIVER ?

An act or instance of waiving a right or claim. Yes (YOU MUST) read it.  By signing the waiver, you and your parents agree you will be responsible for your own safety while inside the company premises. You agreed to observe safety at ALL times.

11. What is normal dress code of the host company?

Do not wear sando, shorts, slippers, sandals of related fashion and strictly observed the minimum dress code of the host company. Wear minimum of polo shirt, maong or slack pants. If in doubt, ask the manager/supervisor, human resource or HR of the host company for the definite dress code.

12. I am allowed to bring out tools, PPE, ballpens, papers or any company property outside?

NO, it may be misinterpreted as pilferage (act of stealing company property). When in doubt, ask for a WRITTEN gate pass (or written authorization).  Verbal permission may cast doubt on the person’s authority to bring out company properties, hence, a need for the written gate pass.

13. Can I bring home my ID and/or time card outside the company?

Most usually NO. When in doubt, ask authorized company officers if this item is allowed to be brought outside the company premises. Ask permission if you need to photocopy it.

14. Is in-fighting, more so spreading rumor/gossip inside the company allowed?

In-fighting more so spreading rumor/gossip inside the company is subject to school’s disciplinary action. The host company may also ask you to leave their premises. You will get failed grade (5) and REPEAT the whole OJT process again in another accredited company.

15. Can I download/upload any software in the company computer?

Lot of companies do NOT even allow your USB in their computer, you will be penalize for spreading virus into their computer system. Do not use any social media (Facebook, twitter, snapchat, email sites and the like) using the company computer. When in doubt ask permission first. Reminder, the company’s IT department can track your internet/intranet activities.

16. Can I take pictures inside company premises?

ASK PERMISSION FIRST, if you will be allowed to take picture/s.

17. Can I enroll any other subjects during my OJT period?

NO, you are NOT allowed to enroll or overlapped or even time conflict any subjects during your OJT period.

18. Can I be absent during my OJT period?

Inform (ASAP), whichever was allowed (i.e. write/call/sms/text/EMAIL) the company officer in ADVANCE and your professor (EMAIL only), before you commit this/these absence/s.  Remember, schools’ policy regarding absences allows 20%  if exceeds, you failed the OJT. (Read student policy manual on attendance)


**Sorry, while you’re explaining, I am busy talking/chatting with my seatmate, I am not paying attention to you,  can you repeat your explanation?

NO, NOT anymore !


19. What is the training evaluation?


This refers to YOUR performance rating provided by the COMPANY where grade was accomplished by YOUR immediate boss/manager/supervisor.

20. Upon start of the OJT, why do I need to provide the following information and email it immediately (ASAP) to your professor?

  • Name of the student
  • Student Number
  • Program (degree)
  • Student’s Immediate Supervisor (in the host company)
  • Company email address of the  Immediate Supervisor

The purpose is to check BOTH manual and online training evaluation. I wrote BOTH (that’s TWO) ……..  repeatedly.

21. Suggest what common OJT traits (READ: ATTITUDE ! ) desirable to the company?

This is the essence of the whole program, developing the attitude within you. There will be more from your company superior, I only enumerated the following:

Point out a problem but bring solutions. Problems you highlight to your superior without your recommended solutions merely construes as complains. So before approaching them with the problem, make sure you already thought of suggested solutions to solve it. (A.) Be nice to “co-employee”. This is not just a good work habit, but also applicable to your life outside of work. It is already a common courtesy and by doing so can give you better chances of people wanting you on their team, and they tend to go out of their way to help you in time of need. You can start this off by greeting everyone with a smile. (B.) Volunteer for assignments. This could label you as a keen learner who is unafraid of hard work. But first assess on your own skills and knowledge before volunteering on an assignment (practice safety at all times !). It is best to be confident about yourself when completing a volunteered task. (C.) Finish things by being decisive. Being decisive would mean having the ability to firmly decide with speed and clarity. (D.) Decision-making is oftentimes crucial, so it is better to observe and analyze all the information available and then decide on the best course of action. Although there are risks for decisions to have negative results, the important thing is to learn from it and to avoid doing the same thing all over again. (E.) Practice safety ALL the time (again !), it will cast doubt on your technical capability, if you disregard safety for yourself and peers.  (F.) Punctuality and absences whether PERMITTED or not.

Companies I worked with, place premium on the following order; attitude, safety and technical know-how. Remember, your work attitude will definitely define who you are.  As they say, “First impression last”.


22. Can I ask/request/initiate for OJT compensation, meal, travel, transportation allowances, and accommodations?


23. What is common expectation from a company OJT program?

Primarily, its application from theory to practice and promotion of life long learning.  Second, common company OJT program include: (A.) A policy statement that describes the purpose of OJT and emphasizes the company’s support for it. (B.) A clear specification of who is accountable for conducting OJT. (C.) A thorough implementation of OJT safety, work rules/security practices. (D.) Work on company training plans, checklists, audits, procedure manuals, learning contracts and progress work report for use by employees and OJT. (E). Training evaluation of OJTs’ level of basic skills. (F) Some may even train the use of work software as an added bonus !

24. What is a Learning Journal?   (I use the word trainee here)

It is ONE OF THE major requirements that documents practices of company On-the-Job (OJT) program training and preparing for instruction by (A.) Break down the job into important detailed steps. (B.) Prepare the necessary equipment, devise, tool, software, materials and supplies etc. (C.) How much time you devote to OJT work and when you expect to be competent in skill areas. Written learning journal (more than 300 WORDs PER DAY) may involved;  1. Tell the trainees (or OJT)  the objective of the task and ask you to watch and demonstrate it. 2. Show the trainees how to do it. 3. Explain the key points or learning experience. (Write out the key learning points for the trainees) 4. How the trainees do it again. 5. Have the trainees do one more single parts of the task and praise them for correct reproduction. 6. Have the trainees do the entire task and assess them for correct production. 7. If mistakes are made, have the trainees practice until accurate reproduction is achieved. 8. Praise the trainees for their success in learning the task.

25. I was assigned the SAME TASK with my fellow OJT, can just copy his/her learning journal ?

NO ! that is CHEATING, Subject to school disciplinary action and sanction. You failed (5).

26. When do I need to submit the learning journal? Via what mode of submission? What file format?

TO BE GIVEN PRIORITY:   Email every Saturday (do not submit in ADVANCE), use your ONLY ONE email address.  With file format;   File name should be….NAME WEEK #.doc/pdf.

Secondary: The school also requires OJT to submit a DOUBLE copy in PDF format to your blackboard account.  So, stay TUNED with your blackboard account.

27. Why is it sometimes I failed to send the learning journal via email?

Most likely your service provider (wifi connection) is very slooowww and you close your email before you even send it. Your email was stuck in outbox (or draft).  Always check your SEND email (or SENT items or SENT mail), before you close it.

Don’t make excuses that you send it on wrong email address. This NOT acceptable, since the beginning, every potential OJT was required to send PRE WORK instructions, this to establish a good connection between the OJT Coordinator and YOU.

28. What is the common OJT problems encountered in the company?

The following are problems encountered not limited to the following:  (A.) Lack of congruency between skills competencies learned in engineering. (B.) Lack of coordination between academic and the partner industry. (C.) No work plan (or not following the training model plan) clearly presented to the OJT along training requirements, expected attitude, behavior and placement. (D.) Lack of supervision on the OJT’s work performance. (E.) Lack of identified local shops and industries where OJT’s area of competencies in the engineering areas are needed. (F.) Work assignments of OJT’s include menial and unrelated jobs. (G.) Lack of options for OJT’s to choose their work assignments in the partner industry. (H.) Financial difficulties among OJT’s. (I.) Lack of administrative support to OJT’s. (J.) Failure of the company to sign the WAIVER before the start of OJT period, resulting to incomplete grade or NOT valid, meaning repeat OJT in other company. (it is imperative the everyone SIGNED the WAIVER).  (K.) Late acceptance of the OJT. (L.) The company forgot our QUARTERM (four semesters) system (so keep REMINDING THEM or always follow it up!). (M.) The company has so many OJTs inside hence, no vacancy available. (N.)  Far travelling distance and lack of transport system to and from the work location. (O.) Worst case scenario, previous batch set a BAD impression (precedent) to our school, usually companies don’t remember specific OJT name, but they remember our SCHOOL NAME.

29. When is the official GRADING period of the OJT?

OJT grades were submitted one week BEFORE START of FINAL exam. Grades are already submitted. NO EXTENSION.

30. What is a FINAL report? What are the contents ? Report format ?

You final report is the summary work (including other special work) you have accomplished during the OJT period. Submit BOTH email and printed copy and other Technical Reports as available from the company. Contents may include: Technical Work/Technical Audit/Survey Sheet/ Policies/Technical Studies/Computations/Presentations /Designs. etc.  Strictly follow our official FORMAT, like title page/cover page, acknowledgement, etc, see separate website (its long list, check your previous email memo).


31. What is the exception of confidential?

Only share it to your OJT Coordinator ONLY (details via learning journal) and/or final report.

32. What is a PRE requirements?

It is a PREliminary requirements before the start of the OJT, like Certificate of Acceptance, WAIVER FULLY SIGNED by everyone (including CCS), recommendation letter and OJT Time Schedule.

33. What is a FINAL requirements?

FINAL requirements like Certificate of Completion, Company Evaluation, Student (YOUR) Evaluation, Technical Report BOTH email and printed copy, ID/TIME CARD (if you have it photocopied), OTHER requirement/documents as given by the host company.  Timely submission is a ONE OF THE MAJOR requirements for the passing the OJT.

34. What is Certificate of Completion (COC) format?

There is no form for the COC, but it should, in minimum PRINTED IN COMPANY LETTER HEAD, signed with DATE issued by the authorized company officer with job title, the following: (submit the ORIGINAL for verification)

I hereby certify that name of ojt has successfully completed 240 HOURS of on-the-job training for the period of (inclusive OJT date).

This certification is/was issued upon the request of name of OJT for whatever legal purpose it may serve.   (or academic purpose is ok too)  (signature of officer and indicate job position)

35. Can I submit fake/falsified documents?

Do NOT even think about it !  Every documents submitted will be verified (via write/ call/sms/text/visit/meeting/ email) for the next two (or more) semesters.  If found out to be fake/falsified both the Institute and host company will take LEGAL sanctions against you.  You will be expelled, if graduated, strip (withdrawal) of diploma. Please do not ruin yourself with ILLEGAL activity.

36. What other advice can you give us?

Practice SAFETY ALL times.  Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). READ company manual for operations. Ask FIRST before you touch. Do not bring any valuable or expensive techno gadgets or jewelry into the company as it may get lost.

37. Can I send my learning journal or any file via dropbox, boxbe, one drive, google drive,  media fire box or any file sharing platform, cloud storage, online file storage?

NO ! Just email me directly with the attachment.

38. Other questions you can think of?

**Sorry, while you’re explaining, I am busy talking/chatting with my seatmate, I am not paying attention to you,  can you repeat your explanation?

NO, NOT anymore !

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