OJT PRE and FINAL Requirements


Hi OJTs,

I need a hard copy (printed) of the following: Put it in a short  BROWN envelope (write your name at the back).

  1. Certificate of Acceptance (COA)
  2. ALL WAIVER FULLY SIGNED by everyone (including CCS)
  3. Certificate of COMPLETION (COC)
  4. Company Evaluation
  5. Student (YOUR) Evaluation
  6. Technical Report BOTH email and printed copy
  7. TIME CARD and ID  (if you have it photocopied)
  8. Photocopied letter of recommendation and student time schedule
  9. OTHER requirements/documents as given by the host company.

If you have submitted any of these in advanced  (maybe items #1 and # 2), kindly check (double check) with School’s Secretary and collect to complete the requirements.

ITEM# 1 and 2 required before your START your OJT.  (PRE-requirements)


Deadline for submission  (referring to the final requirements) is ALWAYS ONE week before the schedule FINAL EXAM.

FAILURE to submit any one of the requirements,  you will get a grade of 7 (incomplete)  and you can submit NEXT Sem!


As manager and leader of companies and school I worked with.  I developed and implemented OJT practices through out,  since then, I collected gems of thoughts.  Read and apply. ed

OJT Common Questions and Answers

**Sorry, while you’re explaining, I am busy talking/chatting with my seatmate, I am not paying attention to you,  can you repeat your explanation?

NO, NOT anymore !


1. I am absent during the OJT orientation, what will happen?

You need to submit an excuse slip (signed by your parents) stating why you are ABSENT to your Professor.  You need to attend the OJT orientation AGAIN.

2. I don’t have company for OJT?

Check the list from the School or  CCS or Center for Career Services for the list of companies with MOA and is accepting OJT.

3. If enroll the OJT and failed to get one company what will happen?

You FAILED (5) the OJT for that period/quarterm/semester.

4. Can I have OJT in any company i wish?

NO !  ONLY company with signed Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) and filed in CCS, or else not valid, its FAILED (5).  No MOA no OJT, No exemption !

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